8 Items You Should Keep Away from Your Storage Unit

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Two rows of red-painted storage units.
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Storage units are a perfect solution for owning a lot of stuff and having a clutter-free home. Also, many people use them during the transition period in their life until they find a more permanent residency. Whatever your reason for getting one, you must keep in mind the following. There are items you should keep away from your storage unit. In the following text, you will discover eight such things.


Perishable items – pests and rodents may interpret them as an invitation

Items that can go bad, which typically include food, can create a mess in your storage unit. Most of them emit certain smells that rodents and other pests can detect and follow. Before you know it, your storage unit will become a regular dining area and even a permanent home for them. And, while they're there, they might even decide to nibble on some of your other items. Even if your unit is perfectly sealed and pest-resistant, when perishables go bad, they smell horrible. As perfume, that disgusting odor will stick to everything in the storage unit, and you will have so much work on your hands. Therefore, it's best to leave the perishables in the fridge and pantry. 


Plants can't survive in storage units for too long

Many people choose to use storage units when they are moving their offices. Even when they find new and adequate office space, they decide to leave some of the stuff from the old one in storage. Sometimes, among office items, there are also plants. It is not a good idea to put plants in there. Firstly, they might die quickly. Plants need light and water to survive. Even the most resilient ones need at least some of it. Besides, some plants need a human presence to thrive. Without it, they whither fast. So it would be best not to put them in a storage unit for longer than a day or two. Similar to food items, they might attract insects you don't want inside your unit when they die.


Three potted plants are arranged on a blue cupboard.

Plants are something you should keep away from your storage unit because they will very likely die quickly there.


Living creatures are something you should keep away from your storage unit 

Even though it is hard to imagine someone would ever do that, this list would not be complete without mentioning that you should not put living creatures in a storage unit. In the relocation frenzy, one might think putting their parrot, or a hamster in a storage unit is a good idea. With all the things that need to be done in the process of something like a long-distance relocation in Texas, for example, it may be possible to forget about your poor animal buddy. But never do that, even for a short time. If you are struggling with all the logistics, hire professional movers that will provide a helping hand and not let you make mistakes like that. 


A pet turtle, which is one of the things you should keep away from your storage unit.

Living creatures should never be left alone in the storage unit since it is not a suitable environment for them.


Flammable substances can lead to some very costly incidents

Flammable items, in general, should never be left unattended. The reason for that is that there is a possibility that something unexpected happens, and suddenly there's a full-blown fire. Most people move into a new home that provides a great location but at the price of less space. They then use storage units to put away what they can't keep at home anymore. If you are one of them, don't just dump whatever you can't put inside your new place into the storage unit without paying attention to it. Accidental (or purposeful) storing of flammable substances outside your direct supervision can lead to a fire that will destroy everything and cost you more than you'd like.   


Items that are of high value are better not kept in a storage unit

Storage units are usually very safe, but they are not designed for items of very high value. High-value items deserve a place such as a bank or a safe to be sure they will be out of robbers' reach. But when you put a valuable item in a storage unit, theft is not the thing you should worry about primarily. It is the possibility of damage that you should fret about. For example, some minor damages that would not be a problem for a bed are a big issue for delicate paintings. So, to avoid costly disasters, put your valuables closer to your heart or in a specialized facility. 


Firearms and ammunition are prohibited in storage units

It is against the rules of all storage unit renting companies to keep firearms, ammunition, and items with similar properties and purposes in a storage unit. Breaking this rule can get you in trouble with the company as well as with the authorities.


Two handguns, one on top of the other.

The storage unit company strictly forbids firearms and other similar items.


...and so are illegal items

Similarly, to firearms and ammunition, illegal items mustn't be in storage units. Keeping them there can get you to court and in jail. If you are unsure whether what you want to store is legal or not, do thorough research before you decide to store it. You can also check with the storage company if they have a policy against certain items. They'll advise you on which items you should keep away from your storage unit for legal reasons. 


Dangerous chemicals can pollute the air or damage your and others' storage

Dangerous chemicals are anything that releases poisonous gases that end up in the air that way. Those can put your health on the line the next time you come to your storage unit and the health of people whose storage units are next to yours. Also, these chemicals can seriously damage all the stuff inside your unit and the unit itself. Some of the items are liquids that can leak and cause corrosion. Many people decide to put some cleaning products in the storage unit, away from their children. Although it is imperative to keep your chemicals away from kids, don't put them in your unit either, as they can also create chaos there. 


Final thoughts

Storage units are a fantastic solution for everyone who simply won't part with the stuff we can't keep in our homes. Although we can fit a considerable number of various things in them, some items are a no-no. Therefore, pay attention to these eight items you should keep away from your storage unit, and everything will be great. 

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