Location Matters: Tips for Starting Over in a New City After a Move

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With this move comes finding a place to store your excess belongings, having locations for your favorite hobbies, and getting acclimated to your new neighborhood.
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Moving can bring all sorts of challenges to one’s life from start to finish. It can take months of preparation to make sure you’re moving to a new location that’s the right fit, and hopefully a step up from where you currently are. With this move comes finding a place to store your excess belongings, having locations for your favorite hobbies, and getting acclimated to your new neighborhood. 


Determine Your Location


When planning your next place to live, make sure you cover all your bases with your research to find this perfect location for your family. If your move is due to a job relocation, you’ll most likely want a neighborhood that’s within commuting distance to your workplace. If your spouse or significant other doesn’t work from home and finds themselves on the job hunt, make sure there are plenty of career opportunities available in their industry in your next location. Use advanced search options to find a new career in your new city fast by setting radiuses for how far you’d prefer to commute. Also, don’t forget a lot of companies have expanded their remote work policy so that could be another option as well. This will allow both parties to be successful and without resentment as you transition to this new location.


How to Choose a Neighborhood


Another important factor to consider when finding the right location for your family is checking out what the different school districts have to offer if you have children. You’ll want to see what school or daycare has the best prices and accommodations for your child. Do they go on field trips, provide opportunities to learn different skills and, most importantly, have hours that fit your work schedules? Do they have good reviews from other families? Ask around and go on tours to make sure the pictures match what’s really there.

Find the Right Home for You 


Finding the right houseAfter your location is decided, you’ll want to make sure you find the perfect home for you and your family. The first step in this process is getting preapproved for a mortgage to see what kind of home you can afford. That will help you determine what your options are for your next dream home. Then you can coordinate with a REALTOR® who knows the area well and can help you find a home that fits your budget, needs, and wants. Having an experienced REALTOR® is a game changer when it comes to finding the perfect home for your family, as it takes more off of your plate, and you can focus a little more on the other stressors of moving. They’ll find homes that fit the description, layout, yard size and budget you’re looking for. Then, hopefully the minute you step into the home, you’ll feel that it’s the perfect fit in your gut. Agents can also make sure that the proper paperwork and inspections are up to date, allowing you to feel at ease as you move into your new home.

Decide What to Take with You


Depending on the location and size of your home, you’ll want to make a packing list that includes the crucial items you’ll need and want. This includes any furniture in good condition, family antiques you’d like to take with you and other large items of importance. Decide what you’re going to toss and what you’re going to take. It might be hard to decipher what to get rid of before a move and what to keep, so start by asking yourself if you’d want to buy it again, and if it feels like it’ll belong in your new home. 


Deciding what to take with you depends greatly on the location and size of your new home


After making the hard decision of what to take with you and what to leave behind, you may not want to get rid of your items completely and that’s alright! Use one of our storage units to store any of these items that you might not necessarily need just yet at your new establishment but might want to use later on like a boat or an ATV. For best organizational practices and to keep your storage unit clean, check out our storage tips


When you find yourself ready to part ways with your belongings that just don’t quite fit in your new city, look for a local donation center to drop your items off at or make some extra cash by selling them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You’ll be able to move into your new city feeling light and ready for a fresh start. 

Don’t Forget Your Hobbies 


Don't Forget your Hobbies when you move and keep living that Carefree RV lifestyle!One important part of starting over in a new city is making sure your next spot is in close proximity to places you can enjoy your hobbies in. If you’re an outdoorsy person, being close to some of the best weekend RV getaway campsites will be crucial to allowing you to enjoy your new location! Your family will love having some time away from the city life and getting some fresh air by camping out in a tent or your RV. Check out the surrounding areas for local rivers for fishing or kayaking, mountains to hike and the other terrains you’d love to explore. Make sure during your outdoor activities you have the best outdoor iphone accessories with you to stay on course and safe throughout your adventures. 


If you’re more of a shopper or a foodie, then you’ll want to dive deep into the everyday life of your new city. Talk with coworkers, friends, or family members who either live in the area or have visited before to see what the best spots are for every category: food, shopping and nightlife. Starting over in a new city without a friend group or close relatives can seem tough at first. Try joining a group that has similar interests to you through the website Meet up! This way you’ll be able to create connections with others outside of the workspace and create that divide between work and play.  


Now that you have your sights set on what’s ahead for you and your family in your new city, you can decipher what you want out of your new place. Take with you the items you think best fit in your new space, store the ones you can do without for right now and make sure there’s always a place to enjoy your hobbies by your new location for some successful staycations. 

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