Sharing a Storage Unit with Friends – Pros and Cons

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Sharing a storage unit with friends – pros and cons
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Since you're reading this article, there's a fair chance you've considered sharing a storage unit with friends. If you ask us - that's a very tricky decision. Why? Well, there are several reasons we'll gladly share with you in the paragraphs below. 

Pro: Everyone's paying for it

It's safe to guess that most people would partake in the idea of sharing a storage unit with friends because of practical reasons. Dividing the cost by the number of participants might make things financially easier for many folks around the country. Although renting a storage unit shouldn't be considered a luxury, people have to deal with many other money-drainers. We’re all quite experienced in that field. So, a few friends decide to split the rent. It's only natural, right? Also, more people means better organizational skills? Or does it? More about that is below.

Con: You depend on other participants share

Each of your friends should chip in an equal sum of money every month. It can sometimes be a hassle. Of course, everyone is very optimistic in the beginning, but as time goes by, some of your friends, or it might be you also, will have trouble paying their share. That can lead to problems in the friendship. That's the kind of thing that happens when you do the good old friendship/business/money crossover. Expect the unexpected, as wise people say. Some strong relationships awkwardly (and shamefully) failed that exam. Maybe you'll encounter other problems like fighting about whose turn it is to clean the storage unit. Make sure it doesn't happen to you. 

Pro: More people can handle it easier

Taking care of your storage unit can be easier if there are more people involved. In that sense, sharing a unit with friends can seem like a totally fine solution. From time to time, there's a need for some teamwork there. You might need to declutter the place or re-arrange the items, or whatever. It's quicker if you have a helping hand. Also, talk to your friends about what they plan to store anyway. It's good you know that. Why? Because there are some items you shouldn’t store. And because not everything can be stored, you have to remember and check what you can keep in your unit and what you cannot. Also, make sure everyone is aware of it. Imagine your friend wants to store firearm ammunition or some dangerous chemicals. Alright, there's a really low chance of your friends acting like that, but you get it.

Con: Who gets to hold the key?

Sometimes storage units have only one key. Of course, that wouldn't be a problem if it was legal to duplicate it. So, you'll have to decide who's going to get the key. Or the way the key will circle from person to person. While on the subject, it's good we mentioned that one of the potential problems that might come up when sharing a unit with someone are various difficulties during the decision-making process. Whether you like democracy or not, you'll have to experience the process first-hand. Sometimes it can be a bit hectic. So, get ready for that scenario. Also, someone will have to sign the lease paper. Who'll do it? Don't worry; there's a way to overcome this. Check out the paragraph below.

Pro: You can make an agreement

The moving team behind Best Movers in Florida suggests preparing a document in which you'll state all the rights of those involved. That way, everybody will be legally obliged to follow the rules you as a team established. In other words - it really won't matter who signed the contract with the storage provider. By doing this, you'll put up a wall to protect your whole doing-business-with-friends trip.

A little piece of advice

So, let's say goodbye to the pro/con concept and focus on something else. We'll try to be concise. Make sure you talk about this with your friends. Sharing a storage unit with friends may seem very doable at first, but you may encounter some problems along the way. Maybe you need a climate-controlled storage unit, and your friend doesn't. Talk about that. Anyway, the key to a successful business partnership among friends is trust. Nothing beats knowing you can count on someone. As we march through life day by day, the truth mentioned above becomes more and more apparent. With trustworthy friends, you’re basically shielded from most problems one can encounter when using a shared storage unit.

Should you share a storage unit with friends?

The point of this article was not to give you a straight answer to this question because it is impossible to do so. Its main goal was to provide you with insight into everything that can happen after you decide to share a storage unit with someone. It surely isn't that messy as when you're starting to share your apartment with someone, but it has some similarities. If you've read it closely, you've noticed that for sure. Also, as the case is with most things in life, nothing is black and white. You should talk to your friends and figure out the best way you can all do this without ruining your friendship and hurting each other. Trust is your most potent weapon. Have no doubts about that! Sharing a storage unit with friends? It's very doable; you just need to be patient, dependable, and respectful.

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