How to Properly Organize the Move to College

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Packing and having an organized plan when moving to college will help the transition go smoothly
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Congratulations! The fact that you've been identified as a candidate has you excited about the prospect of breaking away from parental control, migrating to a new location, and creating your own identity.

However, where do you even start? The process takes a lot of time, and, in modern conditions you can still be figuring out how to move when the educational process has already started. You never know what surprises college admission can bring you. This is why a lot of students can neglect their classes and use paper writing service in order to free themselves some time to deal with changing the place.

Make a plan and a checklist for your move to college


Before you go, make a list of the stuff you'll need to bring with you and a rough estimate of how often you'll be returning home. If you take an interstate bus three hours from your home to the regional center, you won't need to wear winter apparel since you'll be returning before the winter season starts, according to the CDC. In this case, you should consume almost all of the food that your parents prepare for you to avoid being ill. Potatoes and pickles may seem to be pointless, but they may be really useful when you're hungry and in need of a fast supper. Everything will fit in a dorm room or a rental apartment as long as you can squeeze it all in. If not, you have a lot of storage services available to you for a very reasonable price. They serve to help you to have some extra space for your things if you do not have enough of it in your dorm or flat.

What NOT to bring when moving to collegeCarrying food, for example, is meaningless if you're traveling from a different country. Both the additional weight and the potential for damage to items during shipping are factors. You may not be able to leave until the winter break, so it's best to have seasonal clothing that you can wear until then. Wherever you go to school, it's best to purchase winter coats and other apparel since costs are often the same.


Pay attention to the neighboring infrastructure. There is no harm in finding out where your local 24-hour grocery or drugstore are located

Investigate the communication service pricing structure. You may save a lot of money by purchasing a local SIM card or changing your phone's tariff on your own. Despite the fact that roaming in the nation will soon be a thing of the past, this item is still worth examining.


Building relationships helps make dorm life easierWhen moving into a hostel or an apartment with other people, it's a good idea to set some ground rules about who is responsible for what during the first few days. You may want to put off routine cleaning and maintenance until after that time You and your coworkers should agree on the sequence in which you will clean the floors and dispose of the garbage, as well as whether or not you may invite visitors and use a neighbor's printer. It is preferable to record the event in writing and display it in a conspicuous location. Even though you despise filth and are inclined to undertake a thorough cleaning not only for yourself but also for your roommate, resist the urge to relax and let your neighbors perch on your neck. You'll squander your time and energy on something that no one will appreciate.


Become familiar with your online bank and use budgeting programs to stay on track. Your budgeting skills will come in helpful even after graduation, even if you can't use them immediately now.

Managing your finances is an important step when moving to college

Make sure you have sufficient cash in your wallet, since credit cards aren't accepted everywhere. With a bank card, you don't feel how much money you've spent and how much money you have left, so the impact of two or three tiny amounts is diminished. In addition, avoid carrying big sums of cash in your wallet in order to prevent them from being stolen. You can cancel all purchases on a stolen credit card, but you won't be able to return the stolen cash.

Maintaining unhealthy habits may be a challenge. Smoking and drinking costs a disproportionate amount of money. Alcohol is more costly at clubs and cafés than it is in supermarkets. That's why, if you're planning on going out for a night of fun, it's a good idea to have a drink before you arrive at the club. It costs ten thousand rubles for four people to go out for a night of drinking at a bar, while five thousand rubles for the same amount of alcohol to be purchased and consumed at home or in nature.


Everyday life and finance are inseparable. The supply of salt, sugar, and washing powder runs low all at once. Find starting kits for food and home chemicals online and buy what you need as soon as possible after moving in. So you don't have to purchase salt and sugar for the entire floor, coordinate with your neighbors on how to share them. 

Gain independence during your college yearsOther household tasks, such as laundry, ironing, and wet cleaning, are no different. However, cooking is the most important since it allows you to save a significant amount of money. Pre-cooked meals may be unhealthy and expensive whether they're served at canteens and cafés, or if they're prepared at home. Preparing a week's worth of meals in advance can help you avoid overspending and being hungry. To ensure that you'll be ready when the time comes, look for pre-move programs.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to education, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The student population, however, has a tendency to follow overall patterns.

Tips for studying while attending college

Connect with senior students. Using this will allow you to access lectures, study resources, and information on how faculty members grade tests and accept credit. When compared to purchasing a textbook from a bookstore, doing so off-hand is more cost effective. Who does not tolerate tardiness or absence, and prefers that students speak at seminars? This information is invaluable. As a rule of thumb, it's best to seek advice from students who have already completed their first year of schooling rather than relying on what instructors say. 

Invest in a printer.  If you want to save money on printing, you may join up with your roommates to share a laser black and white printer, which is the cheapest option. You may take money from everyone else who wants to print and use it to buy paper and refill the cartridge. 


Independence encompasses not just the freedom to make choices, but also the need to take responsibility for those actions. The rest of your life is waiting for you, and how it will turn out is entirely up to you.

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