5 Tips and Tricks to Make Moving Easier

Rachel Perez
Tips and Tricks to Make Moving Easier
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Moving is always stressful. Your belongings are traveling miles away. You’ve left behind a place of so many memories. And, of course, every part of the move costs money.


Fortunately, there are plenty of easy tips to make moving a little bit easier. Put enough tricks together, and you will keep yourself (and your mind) calm during your next move. Here are five tips and tricks to make moving easier. 

Stick to a Schedule


Creating a moving schedule is the first step in a low stress move. The act of moving is a collection of many individual steps and processes. A schedule allows you to best manage all of those tasks.


Be specific and detailed with your schedule, especially when balancing all other parts of your life, like work and rest. The goal of your plan is to map out the moving process as thoroughly as possible. Including every daily activity helps avoid lost time and missed opportunities. 


Create your moving schedule well in advance of the move. The more time before you move, the better. Starting early leaves a lot of time for unexpected occurrences. Plus, the more time you have, the more time there is for thoroughness. 

Hire the Professionals

Much of the moving stress comes from the packing and loading/unloading of the moving truck. Aside from the physical labor, managing one’s entire collection of belongings is daunting. 


If the thought of packing and loading is overwhelming, then hire a professional. Professional packers use expert techniques for safety and shipping stability. They will also keep your fragile and treasured possessions safe for the road with specialized equipment and techniques. 


Like using professional packers, hiring a moving service saves time, labor, and stress during the move. Not only will these services drive the moving truck, but they also load and unload, ensuring proper weight distribution and safety while on the road.


Of course, these services aren’t cheap. However, it is almost always worth the price to save the stress and hassle on moving day.

Look for Discounts to Save Money


Average Cost of Moving

Moving is nearly as expensive as it is stressful. The average move costs anywhere between $800 and $2,500. Though hiring movers is all-but-essential for a low-stress move, they don’t come cheaply.


For many movers, however, there are several discounts to help offset some costs. Common discounts include:


  • Truck rental and moving help for teachers.
  • Discount storage and truck rentals for students going to college.
  • Truck discounts and moving deductions for military members.
  • Packing assistance and moving deals for older adults.


Look for ways to save at every step. Borrow used boxes from friends and family. Offload or sell unused items before moving. Even shared-truck services are often much less expensive than a traditional moving truck rental.

Avoid Peak Moving Times


Tips to Save Money on Your Move 

Not every move fits the perfect schedule. Still, if you don’t need to move on a specific day, plan an off-season move to save money.


April through September is the peak moving season. Therefore, opt for a fall or winter move for the lowest prices. Avoiding the peak season also helps you avoid moving in the summer heat.


If a fall or winter move fits your schedule, then aim for a mid-month, mid-week move date. These days are almost always the slowest of any moving company. For you, that means low prices and no wait times for services.

Use a Self-Storage Unit to Finish the Move on Your Terms

Packing and hauling your entire home is stressful enough, but it doesn’t stop there. You still have to unload everything into a brand-new space, and often, within a narrow window to avoid paying extra in truck or mover rental fees.


A sure-fire way to steer clear of most of that stress is renting a self-storage unit. Store items straight from the truck. This allows you to unload at your leisure. Thus, when you must find new spaces for your items, a storage unit lets you take your time.


Storage units also ensure any things that don’t fit aren’t immediately thrown out. Keep seasonal items and seldom-used possessions in storage and bring them out when needed to avoid overcrowding.  


A storage unit is a no-nonsense way to keep moving day stress to a minimum.

Final Thoughts

Moving isn’t always the most stressful event of your life. Keen planning can keep moves simple and straightforward.


Create a schedule to keep the moving process on track. Use professional packers and movers to reduce your physical labor, and don’t forget to use discounts to offset their costs.


Move during the slow season to save money and hassle. Lastly, rent a storage unit to give you plenty of time and space to turn your new house into a home.


Written by:   Rachel Perez

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