Top Reasons to Move to Houston and How Storage Facilities Can Help

Steve Reed
Houston skyline at dusk
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Houston skyline at duskHouston is a diverse city with a great climate, a booming job market, a surprisingly affordable housing market, and thriving arts and sports communities. Though it is already the fourth most populous city in the U.S., its attractions are drawing thousands more every month. We are excited to offer self-storage units to all new residents at any of our convenient storage centers in the Houston Metro area.

New residents of Houston will notice one thing right off the bat. The weather is beautiful. The average temperatures are fairly mild and there’s very little rainfall. While there is some humidity, the average temperature of the hottest month (August) still only tops out at 85 degrees, with the coldest month (January) averaging 55 degrees. The most common form of severe weather that Houston ever sees is the occasional effects felt from hurricanes or tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico. Mostly the days are sunny and warm, which is just where we begin when it comes to reasons to move there. Here are some more top reasons to move to Houston:

Economic Growth

One of the major reasons so many are relocating to Houston is that the job market is phenomenal. New jobs offered in Houston in recent years are at over 300% compared with the rest of the U.S. It helps that there is no income tax or zoning laws, two big benefits to business that have contributed to the growth in this area.

Houston has so many places to work. The city is home to NASA, the largest concentration of healthcare organizations in the world, the largest medical center in the world (the Texas Medical Center), a thriving shipping port, giant business and technology conglomerates, and more than 5,000 energy firms. New York is the only other city in the country with more headquarters of Fortune 500 companies than Houston. It’s not very hard to see the draw in the area of business growth, but when it comes to reasons to move there, we’re just getting started …


Houston’s affordable housing market is another fantastic reason to move to the area. The average home value is $150,000, which keeps the housing costs to income ratio very low. Unlike with the homes in other major cities, high real estate costs are not nearly as much of an obstacle, even in prime locations.

Speaking of locations, Houston also has a freeway that loops around the center part of the metro. This helps with traffic and makes for a very convenient way of letting someone know where in the city to look for something. Is it inside or outside “The Loop”? The housing costs are known to be even more affordable outside The Loop.


Houston Texans football playerHouston is consistently ranked in top ten lists for being one of the best places to live, and often it’s because of the culture in the area. Here are some of the wonderful things about Houston culture:

The People: Houston is wonderfully diverse. Over 90 different languages are represented in the city and it has beaten out even The Big Apple for its ethnic diversity. This is a big reason why it’s also known for our next category …

The Food: While Tex-Mex can certainly hold its own when it comes to mouth-watering cuisines, Houston is also known for a wide variety of delicious foods and fine restaurants. From exquisite meals for the oil tycoons to amazing food truck finds throughout the metro, Houston has it all.

The Arts: It won’t come as any surprise to hear that Houston has some oil money. A great deal of it is graciously funnelled by wealthy donors into a thriving arts culture. The city offers a nice balance between established museums and artistic institutions and newer, cutting-edge galleries and studios, many of which are found in the city’s arts district on Washington Avenue.

The Sports: Houston is home to six professional sports teams, including the Texans (NFL), the Astros (MLB), the Dash (NWSL), the Dynamo (MLS), the Rockets (NBA), and the Scrap Yard Dawgs (NPF). Additionally, the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the largest in the world and is itself a boon to the area’s economy every year. There’s no forgetting that Houston is in Texas.

The Sights: Houston boasts so many wonderful places to visit. As home to NASA, the city is also home to the incredible Space Center, which is world famous. There is, among many other places, the Museum of Natural Science, the Houston Zoo, and an historic downtown to explore. And, because in Texas even the shopping is bigger, the Galleria is a landmark all by itself.

Ready to Relocate?

Pasadena Bargain StorageWith all of these reasons to move, we will expect to see you in Houston soon! Keep in mind that making use of secure self-storage facilities throughout your move can make the process so much easier:

  • Month-to-month storage rooms for rent make it so you can unpack at your convenience, rather than all at once upon arrival.
  • Boat and RV storage give you space for your recreational vehicles.
  • State of the art security systems offer peace of mind (even during a move!).
  • And, 365 day automated access means you can take things day by day, moving in on a schedule that makes sense for you and your family.


Come see us or give us a call at any of our Houston storage centers – North Houston Bargain Storage, Spring Bargain StorageMemorial Bargain Storage or Pasadena Bargain Storage. We look forward to welcoming you to The Lone Star State.

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