The Ultimate Guide to a (Socially Distant) RV Vacation

Henry Moore
The Ultimate Guide to a Carefree RV Vacation
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Picture this: cocktails by the beach, frolicking in the sun, and mountain hikes. That could be your life! And if you're traveling by RV, add in gorgeous views, wide-open roads, and the freedom to go anywhere, anytime. Vacations are the best - and the good news is, they can be socially distant too. If you're looking for inspiration to hit the road, our friends at Carefree RV Storage has you covered. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to socially distant vacations below.


Planning Your Itinerary

Planning your Carefree RV road trip is essential before hitting the highway

Your RV is going to be your best friend during your upcoming travels. But what do you do on your trip? Where do you go? Well, you'll need to plan out your trip pretty extensively to ensure you're making the most of your time, money, and effort. Following is a four-step guide to planning a dreamy itinerary:


  • Step 1: Budget: Start with a flexible number that accounts for things like campground rentals, vehicle rentals (if you're renting), gas, food, and entertainment costs. From there, start budgeting backward to arrive at a more exact estimate.
  • Step 2: Anchor locations: This term refers to the non-negotiables of your trip. They provide a base route for you to follow, along which you can then add smaller destinations or locations. Use guiders like weather, sights, or road trip views to help you narrow down your areas.
  • Step 3: Activities: It will be essential to plan your activities to reserve them if required. Some ideas include rock climbing, skydiving, hiking, or off-roading. 
  • Step 4: RV prep: Decide if you want a drivable RV or a towable one. In addition, decide if your RV will be your primary mode of transportation or if you will be using additional means to get around (for example, biking or rideshares). You will also need to book your campgrounds. Check out this handy guide by Harvest Hosts for great resources to help you find the proper campgrounds for your needs.


Planning your itinerary for a Carefree RV vacationStaying Safe


While you're out exploring the outdoors, it will be critical to take precautions to ensure safety. If you're traveling by RV, you're already cutting down on potentially non-social distanced situations like crowded airplanes or public transport. In addition, be sure to take the following precautions on your trip:


  • If you're renting your RV, be sure to sanitize and disinfect all high-touch point areas like the steering wheel, doorknobs, and seatbelts.
  • Be careful when you're using shared bathrooms or showers at a campground. The best option would be to bring a portable toilet and shower or go in the woods. Else, sanitize sanitize sanitize!
  • Avoid situations at RV campgrounds where staff and campers are unmasked or not socially distanced. Simply move on to another campground or book an alternate rental if possible.


Maintaining Work-Life Balance


Unfortunately, life doesn't stop when we're on vacation! Don't forget to keep up with 'regular' life while you're enjoying yourself. Be sure to take time off if you need, so that you're not trying to juggle too many responsibilities while holidaying. If that's not possible, try to set clear work/life boundaries, so you're not feeling unduly stressed. LifeHack reports that the art of saying 'no' can have magical implications, as it will prevent you from taking on more than you can handle. In addition, create a list of all your responsibilities during this time. Sort them out according to their level of importance - prioritizing your tasks clearly will help you know what to take on and when.


Maintain a work and life balance while on your Carefree RV road trip


Look, socially distant holidays don't need to mean no fun. We're emerging from the pandemic, restrictions are easing, and we've figured out a system to make socially distanced travels possible. So enjoy your vacations knowing that you're safe (although it never hurts to take a couple of extra safety precautions), and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors in peace. 


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