Pre-Packing Before a Move Makes Self-Storage Even Easier!

Steve Reed
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pre-packing-box-keyThere’s no doubt about it: moving is stressful. Pre-packing, or organizing and packing your belongings before you move, can help ease the frustration. In fact, it can help simplify the whole moving experience.  With packing out of the way early, you can focus on other important to-do items, like making appointments to set up cable and internet in your new place, getting the water and electricity turned on, and more.

Consider combining pre-packing with self-storage to help you save time and money during your upcoming move.

Check out these three benefits of pre-packing.

1. You’ll be more organized.

If your move date is rapidly approaching and you’ve fallen behind, it’s tempting to pack in a hurry. Many people end up throwing things in boxes, which ultimately causes trouble later down the road. Looking through unlabeled boxes to find basic items you need immediately is no fun. Start by packing items you don’t need right away in labeled boxes and be sure to use proper packing materials.

2. You’ll be less stressed.

Packing ahead of time means you can organize your belongings in a way that makes sense to you. It also allows more time to plan other for important moving related tasks, such as getting utilities set up at your new home or apartment, or reserving your self-storage unit.

3. You’ll reduce the risk of breakage.

The earlier you pack items, the more time you have to pack them carefully. If you’re packing in a rush, you may be tempted to cut corners to save time. But, careless packing could cause damage to your belongings during the transition to your storage rental.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of pre-packing, it’s time to start planning.

notebook-coffee-to-to-listIt’s helpful to make a packing calendar, which will help you tackle the packing process room by room on a specific day of the week. For example, if you have a large garage filled with belongings, schedule a block of time to pack those specific items.

It’s also important that you declutter while you pack.

Don’t pack items you won’t use in your new home. Create a pile for donating or selling at a garage sale and pack up the rest. This will help make the moving and unloading process quicker, since you will have fewer boxes to move.

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