How to Stay Healthy in Your RV Road Trip

Marigona Ismajli
Staying healthy while on a RV road trip can be a challenge
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Social distance really did a great number on us and taught us a real lesson. But for those who used to live in an RV even before the pandemic, it really didn’t make a difference. They probably couldn’t travel so much, but at least they were trapped in a place with a beautiful mountain. They sanitized their RV home, and it was easier for them to not get COVID. That’s why RV life boomed. However, it made a difference to people who lived in a four-wall house. And, because the majority of people around the world used the pandemic situation to embark on a new adventure, RV living was one of them. But how can you stay healthy mentally and physically during your road trips? Here’s how.


Pump Your Blood 

Road trips can be exhausting depending on where you want to go, but the benefit of RVing is that you can stop wherever and whenever you want to get your blood pumping. You don’t need a gym and heavy equipment to get physically active. People who travel with RV usually work from home or are on vacation, which means there will be no distractions, as we use them frequently to avoid working out. In this case, your mind is already prepared to relax, so it will be easier for you to exercise. Exercising in RV life means going for a run, doing yoga and pilates, or just stretching for 30–40 minutes per day. This is a necessity, especially for the person who’s driving long roads. Getting started with exercising can be challenging, but it comes with a plethora of benefits. If you are a beginner, you need to plan the right routine to make exercising more enjoyable.

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Proper Food Selection Is Essential

Some people make a stop at a fast-food truck on the road, or they find a restaurant and eat there. That is not a bad thing, but if you’re going to experience RV life the way it should be experienced, avoid all that stuffPack some fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, cheese and crackers, and lots of water. Just make sure to have all items you need in the kitchen, so you can avoid the mess.


Avoid Sugary Drinks

You can store any type of drink in your RV fridge, but try to avoid sugary, unhealthy beverages. They will make you thirsty faster, so stick to water instead. But be cautious about the water you drink. Drinking water in certain places while traveling without knowing where the water is coming from can make you sick, which is obviously something no one wants. The best and smartest solution would be if you took a reverse osmosis water filter with you, and in this way, you'd be safer and wouldn’t have to worry about getting sick or poisoned.

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The Healthiest Perk of RV Roads

One of the biggest perks of traveling with an RV is that you get to see so many beautiful things around the world, meet new people, and live in the present. When we enjoy beautiful things, especially things we have never experienced, such as hiking a beautiful mountain, camping on a beautiful beach while preparing the fire, or kayaking in an astonishing river with gorgeous trees to the sides, all of these adventures will definitely release all that dopamine and serotonin. You will feel so light and happy, and you’ll enjoy the present more.

So if you had a hard year, if you are going through something, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, make a great investment in yourself by saving some money and renting or even buying an RV. It will definitely change things. 


Staying healthy on your RV road trip is very important for your mental and physical health. Eating organic food, drinking clean water, and doing physical activity will definitely make you love the planet Earth more, while also allowing you to travel to beautiful places around the world. If you’re looking to do something adventurous and exciting, something that keeps your blood flowing, consider an RV road trip. You won’t be disappointed. 



Written by,
Marigona Ismajli

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