How to Prepare for an Extended RV Vacation

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Tips for preparing for an extended Carefree RV vacation
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With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to start planning for the cross-country RV road trip you’ve always dreamt about. When it comes to traveling long distances, or for extended periods of time, there’s always a lot to do in order to hit the road with everything you need. Preparing your home and RV for your long journey is crucial to the success of your trip, so take these steps into consideration before you head out.


Check out these tips on how to best prepare for your extended RV vacation. 


Prepare Your Home

Leaving your home unattended for a long period of time can be troublesome and it’s normal to be worried. While planning for your trip, prepare your home as best as you can for things under your control. Look into getting a Ring doorbell or some security cameras to strategically place around your home that you can check through your mobile device. Being able to have an eye on your home at all times is sure to bring you some peace of mind while you’re away. 

Tips to Prepare  Your Home for Extended Travel in your RV

You’ll also want to communicate with a friend or family member to stop by every so often and make sure everything on the property is looking okay. Create a schedule for them to stop by every week or so just to give everything a look over that you can’t see in your security footage. Having someone watch over your home is also great for taking account of any maintenance mishaps that may occur while you’re away. Before leaving on your trip, take a look at your home warranty to see what is covered in your home. You’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders by being up to date on your home warranty policy if something breaks or leaks when you’re away. 


Before you go, make sure that you have stored everything valuable away in a safe or a secret location. Only bring with you the important documents you’ll need on the trip to ensure you won’t lose them in your journey. Give keys or security codes to the person taking care of your home so that you can lock everything up before you leave. Make sure windows are latched securely and your sliders have a security bar to refrain from forced entry. Once you put these measures in place, your home is ready to go.

Decide on Your Destinations

America's Best RV Parks are yours for the exploring!Now that the stressful bit of your home is taken care of, it’s time to plan your destinations. First, discuss with your travel partner where you want to start first and where you’d like to end up. There are plenty of places you should put on your list, from RV resorts to free RV camping sites around the U.S so you can stay on a budget. Check out some national parks, visit family or friends, and include some activities you might not normally do when you’re at home like camping or hiking. After you have some destinations planned, you can begin to make your trip route. Share your plan with your family and friends with dates when you’re planning to be there in case anything goes awry on your trip. Make sure to check in with your loved ones on the agreed upon days so they can stay up to date. Once you have your destinations and activities in mind, your packing plan should get much easier.


Develop a Checklist of Everything You’ll Need

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to do on your road trip, you can begin creating your checklist and RV packing list to make sure you’ll have everything you need. Be sure you have planned out some meals for a couple of weeks ahead of time and grab any non-perishable snacks to keep in your RV during your travels. Quick and easy meals to make are great when you’re on the road and can’t spend a ton of time standing up to cook. Buy cleaning supplies, day to day necessities, toiletries and Tupperware to keep your leftovers fresh for longer.

The Ultimate RV Packing List to Make Your Trip a Success

If you have specific activities planned on your trip such as fishing, camping or other outdoor adventures, pack the proper equipment. When packing for a lot of different activities for an extended period of time in a tight space, things can get cramped pretty quickly. Look into effective storage techniques to maximize your RV space so you don’t have to sacrifice any necessary equipment. 


Ensure Your RV is Ready to Go


Must Know Tips for Getting Your RV Road Ready for your extended tripBefore you jet off on your travels, there’s just one more step you should take care of. Check that your vehicle is ready to go and you've followed these tips for driving cross-country. Pre-trip inspections are crucial and it’s even more important for a long journey like this. Look at your propane tanks to see if they’re ready to go by following proper safety procedures. Clean your bathroom, kitchen appliances and give the whole RV a once over so that it’s spic and span. To reduce banging or moving materials, properly secure or store them when you are moving. Also, remember to bring a toolkit in case there are any small repairs that need to be made throughout your voyage.


Going on an extended road trip with your friends or travel partner is a once in a lifetime experience that requires a lot of planning and preparation. Now that you have made sure your home is taken care of when you’re away, have a plan of attack, and you’ve safely prepared your RV for your trip, you’re ready to get on the road. 

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