Do You Need To Hire a Moving Company or Can You Move on Your Own?

Katherine Robinson
Professional movers lifting a box and moving stuff
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If it isn't your first time moving, then you have the benefit of experience in having done it before, but you also have the memories of how many different details the process entails. It's not just about packing everything you own and transporting it from one residence to the other. You have to change many mailing addresses, end and start utilities and services, and ensure the dates for everything align. One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is to move things with family and friends or hire a professional moving service. Each option has pros and cons you should weigh.

Moving Yourself

If enough people in your social circle are available on the right day or owe you favors, you can rent a truck and move everything with people you know. Whether or not it's a good idea is your call.


One huge advantage to moving yourself is how much control you get over the process. You decide how and when everything is moved. Doing the packing yourself also lets you declutter your home before you go so you don't fill your next home with things you no longer want.


The bigger benefit is saving money. You might pay for moving supplies and a rental truck. Any friends or family who help might expect nothing in return, although you should probably arrange food and beverages. Everyone can get in a good workout while packing and moving everything, but working up a sweat isn't something everyone sees as a benefit.


Speed is the primary drawback to going solo. The process involves considerable time and effort. Planning can be exhausting, and figuring out how to pack fragile items is a learning curve. Handling bulky furniture can take a lot of coordination among those you know.


The process isn't just mentally taxing. Packing up everything you own can be physically taxing, and the heavy lifting of the actual moving day can hurt backs and strain muscles. While moving, you'll also have to ensure access to crucial things, ranging from clothing to food. An overnight stay might be necessary, or you might need relatives to keep kids or pets safely out of the way.


Hiring Professionals

When consumers have a need, a business or service usually caters to it. Moving from one home to another is a unique need you don't face daily, so professional services are available to take care of it.


Speed is the primary benefit when you use professional movers. You can schedule a crew instead of spending days trying to find personal acquaintances who might help you move. Professionals can move all your things for you and might even have packing services available. These crews know how to do this, and they're experienced at it. They know what to do if challenging circumstances pop up, be it a staircase or a narrow door. This efficiency translates to faster work.


Many moving companies offer potential storage options, ranging from warehouses to portable storage units. If your move-out and move-in days don't align, you can use these temporary storage options to keep your possessions safe while you're between your two residences.


Professional movers simplify the situation, but they do have drawbacks you should consider. You'll need to schedule your moving day far enough in advance to ensure a crew is available. Even then, they might have specific time slots you have to pick from since they might serve multiple customers in one day. Hourly rates can add up if you have a lot of ground to travel, big items, or stairs to navigate.


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You should also know that things you own might get lost or broken. Researching moving companies helps you find reputable service providers with trustworthy professionals who care about their company's reputation. However, you're still trusting your possessions with strangers.

You Need Certain Skills Either Way

Whether you move yourself or hire professionals, you'll need a particular skill. If you decide on a professional moving crew, you must know how to shop for and hire one. On the other hand, if you move on your own, you still need to know how to secure items properly in a truck or portable storage container.


By: Katherine Robinson, a writer for Portable Storage Box

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