Bold Kitchen Ideas to Add Some Drama to Your Space

Margo Renee
Bold Kitchen Ideas to Add Some Drama to Your Space
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Your kitchen is probably the room in your home that you spend the biggest percentage of your time in. The kitchen has also morphed into a space where you get to entertain your friends and family. It is only right that it reflects your personality and style. In addition, why not make a statement to your guests when they visit? If you are looking to revamp your kitchen, it is about time you chose a bold and dramatic look. And if you are still debating whether to stick to a minimalist idea, here are a few design ideas that will give you the confidence to go for that bold look.


Choose a bold color for the cabinets

A common way to make a bold statement with your kitchen is to go for bold color choices. Cabinets create the main focal point in the kitchen, which makes them the best for bold and bright colors. You can choose from bolder ranges such as black, blue, and shades of green. You can also add some brightness with choices like yellow and pink.


Go bold with your countertops

A kitchen with a large island and a sink

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Your kitchen countertops also present a blank canvas to get creative and add more drama. You can go for different patterns and colors to create a unique look. The good thing is that you can find quartz and granite countertops in colors and patterns that match your style. If you want to go all dramatic, consider black for that bold statement. Keep in mind that the size and color of your countertops play a big role in tying the look of your kitchen together. You want to make sure that you are working with a reliable countertop replacement company when making such changes. This ensures that you get expert advice and top-notch work done in your kitchen. They are especially helpful when choosing countertop edges that complement your kitchen.


Add some patterns

A patterned kitchen is a contrast to the usual monochromatic white kitchens that we see everywhere. If you want to add in some drama, embracing patterns in the kitchen is a good way to achieve this. You can start with a patterned backsplash. Introduce some patterns to the walls with dramatic wallpaper. If you would rather leave the walls plain, draw interest to the floor by installing patterned tiles. Another great idea is to bring in a bold patterned rug. Place at the center to draw attention.


Paint an accent wall

A kitchen with white cabinets and green walls

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Nothing makes a bold statement than an accent wall in any room. You can be sure to achieve the same with an accent wall in the kitchen. Go for a bold color such as red or lime green. You can also choose a brick wall to add a different texture and feel. Pair that with open shelving to display decorative accessories to make the wall stand out. Remember also that the ceiling can act as an accent wall. Painting it with a bold color can greatly spice up your kitchen interiors.


Add different tones and textures

Combining different wood tones in your kitchen is sure to create an eclectic effect without going overboard. You can try wood-paneled walls paired with butcher block counters. You can also go for wood floors and cabinet doors.


Add art 

It is not always that you see artwork hanging in the kitchen. This makes art pieces a great way of giving your kitchen a bold twist. Art also brings your personality and taste to the kitchen. Instead of choosing pieces that complement the rest of the kitchen, be bolder by choosing contrasting colors that make a bold statement


Add drama with a bold backsplash

A kitchen with black and white tile

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Go all out with your backsplash. You can make a statement by choosing bold materials such as glass or metal. Besides protecting your walls, they do a great job at shouting sophistication and class.


Make a statement with the lights

Ample lighting is vital in any kitchen. Don’t play it simple when it comes to lighting your kitchen. Go all dramatic with decorative lighting such as chandeliers and pendant lights. Your aim is to draw attention to the areas above the dining area, countertops, and island. Make sure to choose unique shapes and colors to make them stand out. If you have a big kitchen, a bold chandelier that spells sophistication and elegance is always a good choice.


Bring in pops of color with linens

Linens are kitchen essentials that you can use to introduce dramatic colors and patterns into the space. Choose boldly patterned and brightly colored linens for your kitchen. This can be anything from table runners, table clothes, napkins, and dish towels. You can choose contrasting colors to create a focal point in the kitchen.



Choosing a bold kitchen is a good way to express your personality in your favorite room. Make it loud with bold colors on the cabinets, countertops, and walls. It is also a great idea to introduce different patterns, pops of color, tones, and textures. Don’t forget to enhance the look with dramatic decorative lights and accessories. You should also move your kitchen items to storage while your kitchen is being renovated.


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