6 Tips to Help You Survive the Winter Move

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moving in winter
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Moving in the winter is the absolute worst. Cold weather, snow/rain, short days. There just aren’t many positives about moving in the winter. In this article, we’ll look at a few ways we can lessen the pain of your winter move. 

Prepare for the weather

Winter months means there is bound to be negative weather to be dealt with. It may be snow further north or rain down south; either way it could make moving a hassle. Plan for the worst and make sure you have everything you need to battle the elements.

Make the most out of daylight

Winter months means shorter days, or daylight rather. It can be difficult to get things done when there is little light available and can cut your moving days short. Be sure to make the most of the daylight that you can and to also pack a flashlight for when you need it.

Waterproof valuables

If you're dealing with weather, be sure to waterproof your valuables. This can be done by storing items in sealable plastic tubs or by using shrink wrap around cardboard boxes. Be sure your boxes don’t sit in standing water, or they may become wet regardless of your waterproofing efforts.

Cover your floors

It’s easy to track a lot of dirt into your house when the weather is bad. Use floor coverings such as rugs and plastic to ensure that your floors stay clean. A word of caution, plastic floor coverings can become slippery when wet. Be sure to keep a towel on hand to keep your covering as dry as possible. 

Clear sidewalks & driveways

If you’re dealing with snow, be sure to clear your driveway and walks before use. Doing so will prevent packed snow and ice build-up that can be dangerous. Keep a sturdy snow shovel and broom on hand to make quick work of snow. Use salt if needed but keep it to a minimum to avoid tracking salt indoors.

Keep your winter gear handy

Did you seriously just pack your coat? If you’re moving from a warm to cold climate, make sure your winter gear is easy to find. You never know what the temperature will be and it can often swing by 60 degrees in the winter months. 


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