4 New Year’s Resolutions to Make It Easier to Keep Your Home Organized in 2022

Elizabeth Pandolfi
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After “getting in shape,” one of those New Year’s resolutions that never goes out of style is decluttering and organizing your home.


But all the resolutions in the world won’t help if you don’t have systems in place to help you keep them going. If you’re planning on whipping your home into shape this year, whether because you’re selling or you just want to improve your space, here are four resolutions to focus on.


  1. Keep your papers from piling up. 

Organization is key and not letting papers pile up will help immensely

You know that pile of mail, school papers, and who-knows-what else that piles up on your hall table? If you commit to anything this year, commit to dealing with papers as soon as they come in. 


One way to do this effectively is to use an in/out tray that you can find in any office supply store. The “in” tray is for mail and other papers that need attention—bills, permission slips, notes that need to be answered, etc. The “out” tray is for items that are ready to be mailed or put in their respective places (a special drawing your child made that you’ll file in their keepsake folder, for example). 


Set a day of the week to deal with the “out” papers, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to keep those papers under control. 


  1. Invest in storage solutions. 


It’s tempting to think of storage boxes, baskets, trays, and other solutions as simply more stuff in your home, but these can actually be invaluable for keeping your home decluttered and organized. 


Not only will these items make it easier for you to find the things you need quickly, but if you opt for decorative pieces, they can also make your home more visually appealing.


Indoor storage can really help organize your life and keeps things uncluttered


But don’t forget storage for bigger items. There are bound to be some items that, while you don’t want to get rid of them, you don’t need accessible in your home every day. Think heirloom furniture, keepsakes, and seasonal decor, for example. These may be better stored in an offsite storage unit.


  1.  Prioritize your living space.


Prioritize your living space when organizing your home.One of the biggest obstacles to keeping your home organized is simply being overwhelmed. Let’s face it: deciding to keep your entire home organized, all the time, is a massive undertaking! 


To avoid those feelings of being overwhelmed and discouraged, focus on one area at a time.   The living or family room is a good area, to begin with, as it’s a common space in your home, as well as the area that guests will see. 


Start by decluttering as much as possible and getting everything out that doesn’t belong. To keep things tidy, put a decorative basket in the room that can serve as a catch-all for anything that ends up there and needs to be put away. 


While it’s unrealistic to expect yourself or your family members to immediately put away any item they bring into the room, it’s very manageable to designate a time or day at which one person grabs the basket and puts everything where it belongs. 


Keeping your home organized doesn’t have to feel like an insurmountable task. Whether you’re planning to sell your home in 2022 or not, investing a bit of time each day can drastically transform your living space.


Written by:   Elizabeth Pandolfi

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