3 Idyllic Family Holiday Destinations to Visit This Summer

John Bramer
Reasons Why You Should Travel with Your Kids
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Travelling as a family is so rewarding in many ways – you get to see the sights, explore new places and have adventures. Not only will it cement your bond as a family, but it will help to diversify your children’s life experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime. 


But where should you go? We have collated a few fun destinations that we think you should try out this summer. They are far enough away to feel like you’re off exploring somewhere new, but close enough to not have to travel thousands of miles when you need to return your RV to its happy little home in one of our storage centres. 



A taste of the outdoors


First up is Cave Springs in Coconino National Forest, popular for its famous red cliffs and beautiful scenery. This is a perfect place if you like to go hiking or swimming. There are also some lovely bird-watching spots, providing an excellent opportunity to expand your childrens’ knowledge and concentration. Learning through immersion offers invaluable context only real-life experiences can bring, and being outside in nature is the perfect scene for this.


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Train to the Canyon


Grand Canyon Railway RV Park is not only a park-up for your RV, but also a hotel for your furry friends! Have you ever parked up somewhere and felt restricted because the hike you wanted to do wasn’t dog friendly? Or worried your cat might get hungry whilst you were out? This camp site might well be for you.


Not only that, but there is a train running directly from the site to the Grand Canyon, allowing you and your family to relax on the journey and avoid the busy roads or worry about parking when you get there. This will give you more time to take in the scenic views, play games with your children and teach them about the nature they see out of the train window, before a grand day out exploring the canyons.


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Sliding into summer 


You should definitely check out New Mexico as there are so many fun things to do. The world famous White Sands National Park is picturesque with 275 square miles of desert, where your family can sled down the sand dunes – not exactly your average activity.


There are also many underground caverns that are interesting to explore for little adventurers. They provide countless learning opportunities, such as seeing bats in their thousands emerge in search for food at dusk. There are also talks in operation every night and guides there to help answer any questions your budding young explorers might have.


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Are you ready?


This summer is the perfect time to explore some beautiful sights and have amazing adventures with your children. Travelling can really help to show children that there is a lot more to the world than the small corner you call home. It is time to break up the routine and boost family relationships as you experience new things together and create cherished memories you will always remember. 

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