Self-storage in Fort Worth and Beyond – Your Guide to an Easier Move

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Fort Worth Bargain Storage Moving Guide
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Are you about to move? Are you stressing out? 

You’re not alone. Researchers have found that big life changes, like a move, can cause a tremendous amount of stress

Thankfully, investing in self-storage in Fort Worth is one way to reduce some of the stress. Another stress reducer is the packing and moving tips we’re sharing with you today!

Practical Moving Advice: 4 Moving Tips to Make Moving Easier

The following steps will ease some of the anxiety you experience during a move.

1. Declutter Beforehand 

There’s a reason Marie Kondo is a household name – decluttering can be life-changing and, in a way, magical. Clutter causes stress. Decluttering can remove some of the burden. 

Moving is an ideal time to declutter. Eliminating the clutter now means you won’t waste time, money, or effort packing, moving, and storing it. 

2. Start Packing as Soon as Possible 

Many time management experts recommend adding a buffer to projects so we don’t get overwhelmed. 

You can apply this concept toward moving and start packing as soon as you can. Start with packing off-season items, like clothes and sports gear. 

Knowing you only have essentials to pack as your moving date gets closer is an incredible stress reliever. 

3. Use the Right Size Boxes

It can be tempting to pack a huge box to the brim with heavy objects, like books. Don’t do it. You, your mover, or anyone helping you move will hate you for doing it

Trying to move a large box isn’t going to be easy anyway. Adding heavy items will make it that much harder. 

Store heavy items in smaller boxes and leave the larger boxes for things like blankets and pillows. 

4. Label Each Box and Keep Track with a Moving/Storage App

You can find many inventory tracking apps for commercial storage – but these can be used by non-businesses, too. 

Use the app to keep track of what’s stored in each box. That way if you need something out of your self-storage unit, you know exactly where to find it.

Self-storage in Fort Worth – Ideal for Companies on the Move

As your company grows, expansion to a new facility might be on your To-Do list. When you make your move, finding commercial storage in Fort Worth is vital. Here’s how Bargain Storage can help. 

Inventory Storage

Whether you’re moving or not, a self-storage unit is ideal for inventory storage. Your inventory will be kept safe and free from damage in our newly remodeled facilities. 

Financial Document Storage

During a move, you don’t just have to worry about furniture – you have to worry about keeping all of your important documents safe. It’s incredibly easy for documents to be lost or damaged during the chaos of a move.

Financial document storage in a storage facility in Fort Worth will provide you with peace of mind and allow you to focus all of your attention on relocating. 

Long-term Storage Options Can Ease Your Stress 

When you’re moving, a self-storage unit in Fort Worth is a helpful investment whether you’re moving from house to house or to a new office building. 

Sometimes, though, even the best plans can go sideways, and you need to store things longer than expected.

Bargain Storage has the solution: long-term storage options. With keypad entry and 24/7 video security, we’ll keep your furniture, inventory, and files safe until you find the best home or business rental for your needs. 

Not sure what size storage unit you need? We can help. Our online storage guide is a helpful reference, or you can contact us directly at 817-274-4714 with your questions.   

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