6 Items You Should Insure Before You Move

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Have a Plan and Store Your Items When Moving to a New Home
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Shifting to a new house with all the luggage and household items can be quite a hassle if you don’t plan the whole process beforehand. Since moving to a new place is a prolonged task that starts right from deciding where you will be shifting and ends with totally settling down in your new house, it might become overwhelming after a point.

Moving and Boxing up Your Belongings can Cause Damages

There are many hidden costs of moving that might take you by surprise. To avoid such messy situations, there are certain things you must do before starting the moving process. For starters, you will be required to look into how much is renters insurance and all the benefits you’ll be reaping from it. A renter’s insurance not only gives you financial security over your belongings but also gives mental assurance that goes a long way. Further, moving household items in a hasty way often damages them so much that you can find them totally dysfunctional after unpacking your stuff in the new house.

This issue can be totally taken care of if you get the household items insured. Here is a list of 6 items that you must insure before you plan on moving them:


Move Your Jewelry with CareAll your jewelry – It goes without saying that you won’t expect or let the movers and packers to shift your jewelry. Even if you do it personally, it is always advisable to insure your jewelry at the time of purchase or right before moving since these goods are extremely fragile in nature. Because you don’t want your grandmother’s pearls and other important assets to get damaged while you move them from one place to another.

Artwork – Artwork comes next to jewelry. However, often the artworks are partially covered under many policies. Nonetheless, it is advisable to get your artwork appraised in order to find its actual worth, before moving. Additionally, artworks, sculptures, models, etc., are also fragile in nature and can get damaged or even end up broken if they are moved in haste. You will obviously not want an artwork that you bought thoughtfully to get damaged while shifting from one place to another.

Preserve Your Artwork by Packing it Carefully for a Move



Television – Electronic goods are also often included in your existing policies but there is no harm in taking an extra precautionary measure. Televisions are huge in size and often occupy big spaces. They are also very fragile and can totally become dysfunctional if dropped. Getting your TV insured is one of the best things to do before shifting to a new place. Since large appliances like a television will most probably be moved by movers and packers who might tend to act in a reckless manner, it will be a safer choice to insure it before starting the moving process altogether.

Collectables – Collectables is an umbrella term used for a dozen of things and are seen as a great investment chip by many. It can be a fragile porcelain vase to a set of costly China plates to Collectible Items are Often Vintage and Fragile and Should be Insured for Valuerare action figures or even cassettes, vinyl, and record players. If you have antique stuff such as a gramophone, you should definitely get it insured. Since old stuff tends to break easily, you should not take the risk of moving them before getting insurance. Since you don’t want to hamper heritage and antique possessions, getting them insured is always the way to go.

Refrigerators – Like televisions, refrigerators are also very big in size and can be difficult to move. They stand a chance to get stuck between doors while moving around. As a result of frequent movement and careless push-and-pull, fragile parts like the coolant, etc., can get damaged. Make sure that you get your refrigerator insured before moving it.

Other electronic goods – Electronic goods always come with pros and cons. Like the refrigerator and television, other important electronic goods such as Household is Full of Various Electronic Goods that Need to be Insured for your Move
computers, laptops, microwaves, ovens, induction cookers, air conditioners, music system, high-end speakers, amplifiers, CCTVs, fans and lights, home theatres, etc., should be insured before moving because they are easily susceptible to damage. Further, if you own business electronics like a home desktop for official purposes, you should first check on the insurance coverage provided by your employer.


As the owner of your new place and all the goods that you possess, you will be on the deciding end when it comes to ensuring what is important. This totally depends on how much you value your possessions and how far you’re willing to go to protect them. If you think that all your priced household goods are valued more than what the home insurance policy covers, you can always choose to purchase additional coverage.

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