Preparing to Store Your Christmas Decorations

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xmas tree and ornaments
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The Christmas decorations seem to hit the store shelves earlier and earlier every year and once it’s all over, where are you going to store all of those decorations? Now is the time to start considering how to store all of your Christmas joys. 

Prepare at the store

Before you leave the store, be sure to pick up some storage containers that will fit all of the decorative items you plan to purchase. This is the perfect time to ensure you get the perfect sized container since it will be the only time you can test pack everything. Be sure to confirm that fragile decorations will have enough breathing room for padding. Before you leave the store, also grab some bubble wrap or other padding for later. 

Keep the boxes

Decorations are about the only thing that come with a perfect container from the start. Be sure to label boxes so you can easily identify which items go to which box. Take it nice and easy when handling boxes to keep them from becoming damaged. 

ProTip: Take a picture of how each ornament goes in its respective box to eliminate the hassle of trying to get everything back the same way.

It works before you pack

When packing away electronic decorations, be sure they work before you put them away and keep any extra fuses or bulbs in a easy to access container. By ensuring everything is in working order, you can avoid hassles next season. 

As an added bonus, if something is not working, the best time to buy a replacement is right after the holidays. Often times price on decorations are reduced by 50% or more days after Christmas.

Find the right storage facility

Where you store your decorations is just as important as how you store your decorations. A secure and well maintained storage facility is a must. At Bargain Storage, we pride ourselves on offering great rates and great storage for your holiday decorations and other possessions. Be sure to find a storage facility near you today!

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