DIY RV Window Replacement: It’s Easier than You Think!

Tammy Pitts
DIY RV Window Replacement: It’s Easier than You Think!
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Exploring the open road in an RV is an exciting adventure, except for any unexpected issues –– like a broken window! The good news is that you can handle a window glass replacement on your own with just a few simple steps and the right tools. 

Here’s how:. 

Assess the damage

  • First, take a look at the window glass to determine whether a complete replacement is necessary or if a repair will suffice. 
  • Gather the tools you’ll need –– safety goggles, gloves, a plastic putty knife, tape measure, screwdriver, silicone sealant, and, of course, the replacement window. (You’ll need to order the replacement glass for your RV. See Measure the Window Opening and Order the Replacement below.)

Remove the window

  • Remove the window coverings and valance from the broken window
  • Remove the window by taking the screws out of the interior frame. Make sure you’re wearing gloves and goggles during this step in the event that the pieces fall apart. 
  • Use your putty knife to scrape away any sealant residue left behind. 
  • Check for any screws attaching the window to the wall and remove them before you begin prying the window loose. 
  • Gently nudge the window and exterior frame to free the damaged glass.
  • Clean up any remaining debris. 


Measure the window opening & order the replacement

Measure the window opening using a tape measure. This step is of utmost importance! Note the width, height, and thickness required for the replacement glass. Measure at least twice so that you’ll get the appropriate and most accurate replacement. Order the replacement window from a reputable RV maintenance shop.


Install the new window

  • Start by applying a layer of silicone sealant or butyl sealant glass around the window frame edges. 
  • Then, carefully insert the replacement glass into the frame (from the inside), ensuring that it’s properly aligned. 
  • Press the glass against the sealant to establish a firm bond being careful not to scratch the area around the window.
  • Go outside and apply a clean strip of RV caulking on the upper half of the window to fully waterproof the installation. 
  • Snap the window screen into place and you’re finished!


While replacing your RV window may have seemed like a daunting task, it’s actually a simple DIY project that can save you money. Replacing your window not only improves the appearance of your RV but also boosts your comfort and overall security.  


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