RV Storage Solutions for RV Kitchen Storage

To keep with our RV storage ideas theme, we thought we would share some helpful ideas and space saving tips to organize your RV kitchen. Since every RV setup is unique, the trick is to think creatively about how to maximize your storage space. To inspire your next RV storage solution, we’ve gathered the following RV kitchen storage tips:

Food Storage
When shopping for containers for food storage, think inside a square box. Round containers tend to take up too much storage space, whereas square containers can be stacked up and labeled from the outside with a piece of masking tape and a sharpie. Another easy trick is to snip the directions off the food box and tape it to the top of your container.

Cabinet Storage
You might have discovered that RV kitchen cabinets are very tall but this makes them full of opportunity! Pick up some rubber-covered metal shelves and secure then inside your cabinets and, voila, you have additional shelving. Another way to maximize cabinet storage is to create a holder inside any cabinet door for storing knives or use self-adhesive hooks for your scrub brushes or hand towels. Rectangular baskets are also ideal for cabinet storage for storing spices, kitchen bags, utensils and cleaning supplies.

Additional Storage
There’s always an extra kitchen storage place to be utilized. Under the sofa is great for storing pantry items such as canned goods, paper towels or anything that is used less frequently. You might find extra storage under the dining room seats ideal for cleaning supplies, mini vacuum, flashlights and bulky kitchen items.

Do you have a winning RV kitchen storage solution for maximizing your space or an inventive way for organizing your RV kitchen? We’d love to hear from you. Share a comment below!